Joshua C Evenson
Joshua Evenson grew up a golf-crazed kid in Minot, North Dakota, and lived his dream of studying at the revered University of St Andrews in Scotland, where he was on the Old Course every spare minute. It did not take him long to see how the Auld Grey Toon, the university (third oldest in the English-speaking world), and golf were indivisibly entwined at St Andrews. That intersection is where the story of this book begins. In October 2013, Josh felt a book “calling” to be written. From that point on it was his goal to facilitate a major congregation of golf greats and others whose lives are linked to the game between the covers of a single book in praise of golf and its birthplace. Links to St Andrews is his expression of gratitude to golf, to St Andreans for their advocacy of the game and their generosity to the world, and to the Old Course herself, that enduring shrine for all golf pilgrims.
Carol Haralson shepherds books from concept to bookshelf. Over 25 years she has edited, designed, and seen through manufacture hundreds of books for art museums, golf clubs, chefs (with food styling and occasional co-authorship), artists, photographers, specialty publishers, collectors, and many others. She edits and designs Gilcrease Journal (Gilcrease Museum) and Sojourns (various national park associations), and produces Western Passages for the Denver Art Museum. She was an early winner of the Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, is the only 10-time Center for the Book gold medalist for design in her home state, and is regularly recognized by the American Association of Museums and others. She lives with her husband and two border collies in Sedona, AZ.
Michael Klein is part of a group of American artists leading the revival of representational painting styles that link back to the Renaissance and French Academic traditions. Klein had two major solo exhibitions in New York City in 2008 and 2010. In 2010 he and his wife started American Painting Video Magazine, an online video production viewed in more than 130 countries worldwide. His work has been published in Fine Art Connoisseur, American Artist Magazine and American Arts Quarterly. Born in 1980, Klein was 19 when he began serious training in classical ateliers and workshops. His first teacher was Richard Whitney. After two years under Whitney’s guidance, Klein continued studying in Minneapolis at the former Atelier Lack, founded by Richard Lack, a classical painter whose efforts were largely responsible for the revival of traditional painting in the United States. In 2002 Klein entered what would become his final school, the Water Street Atelier (now Grand Central Atelier), where he apprenticed under founder Jacob Collins until 2005. His passion is to depict an accurate representation of our human experience interacting with the created order around us. By poetically blending pigments from the earth, adding oil, and his inborn artistic capability, he recreates the world around us and injects his personal spirit into each piece throughout the process.
Lee Wybranski has been working with the game of golf as an artist and designer since 1995, helping to shape the look of golf today. His first client was Winged Foot Golf Club. Wybranski is currently best known for the posters he creates for major championships, including the 2015 US Open and Open Championships. His firm is a brand specialist in golf and has been designing the official logo for the US Open since the 115th Championship
 at Shinnecock Hills in 2004, along with numerous other club identities. Wybranski’s work is inspired by a traditional aesthetic and the fundamental principles followed by great artists of the past.
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Matthew Harris is a professional photographer based in 
London. Among other assignments, he has covered 30 consecutive Open Championships since 1984 for the London Observer and has photographed the Old Course for editorial outlets around the world. For this book he shot a portfolio of images meant to capture the spirit of the town of St Andrews.


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